10 Home Remedies to cure boils naturally on your skin

Boils are usually painful and often occur on every other part of the body including face, underarms or hands. They look similar to that of a pimple or acne with white pus formed in the center and reddish color around it. A boil is basically a bacterial infection on the skin and are often contagious in nature. Boils can also occur in groups on the skin and such infections are known as carbuncles.

One of the primary reasons for getting a boils on the skin is poor hygiene. Unhealthy hygienic conditions such as irregular bath or residing in unhealthy surroundings can attract Staphylococcal bacteria which enter the skin through hair follicles and cause boils. Other causes for boils or carbuncles include wearing tight clothes, exposure to chemicals and weak immune system. So, here in this article you are going to know on how one can cure boils naturally though these home remedies.

Remedies to cure boils naturally

So, here the list goes,

  1. Cumin Seedscure boils naturally

Cumin seeds also known as Jeera in Hindi are an integral part of Indian staple food. Their herbal & Ayurvedic properties make them a great remedy to cure boils naturally. The antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients help in killing the bacteria and reducing the skin infection. All you need to do is, grind a tablespoon of cumin seeds and add few drops of water to it and make it a paste. Now apply it on the boils and wash it after 10 minutes. Repeat the same once a week for best result.

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  1. Indian Lilaccure boils naturally

Indian Lilac also popularly known as the Neem in the Indian Subcontinent has been in use as a medicine for skin allergies since the inception of Indus valley civilization making it a great remedy to cure boils naturally. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties keep the germs and bacteria at bay and keep the skin clean. It can be turned into a paste and applied on the affected area or can be consumed with water to get rid of boils quickly.

  1. Turmeric powdercure boils naturally

Turmeric (Haldi in Hindi) is also one of the oldest well known Ayurvedic medicines which have been used to treat many illnesses naturally. Turmeric is also a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory medicine which makes it a great remedy to cure boils naturally. All you need to do is warm the milk and add a tablespoon of Turmeric powder to it and consume this atleast thrice a week for best results. Also, one can add 2-3 tablespoons of turmeric to ginger paste and apply it on the affected regions.

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  1. Tomato

Tomato is also a great way to cure boils naturally. This is because tomatoes contain Vitamin C and Citric acid which help in ripening of boils or carbuncles quickly. Also tomatoes are rich in water which helps in hydrating our skin and keeping the germs and bacteria at bay. One can apply tomatoes on skin by turning them into a paste and applying it on the affected regions of the skin. Also, one can also apply the sliced tomatoes on the boils for best results.

  1. Warm Compresscure boils naturally

Warm compress is one of the simplest yet best ways to cure boils naturally. This is because, this remedy doesn’t need any special apparatus nor does it require anything to be turned into a paste. Warm compress helps in bringing the puss come up on the surface and when few tablespoons are added to this, the inflammation heals much quicker than anticipated. Take a small container with water and boil it with salt added to it. Soak a clean cloth in it and compress the cloth on the boil till it bursts.

  1. Onions

Onions can cure boils naturally as they contain diluted acids and have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which prohibit the growth of bacteria or any other microbial on the skin. Onions also help in the ripening of these boils which later on get ruptured. All you need to do is cut out a small slice out of onion and rub it gently on the affected area. This helps in bringing the puss on to surface which later on gets ruptured due to the acidic content present in onions.

  1. Black seedscure boils naturally

Black seeds also known as Kalonji in India can be a great way to cure boils naturally. Black seed is also a great anti oxidant and an anti-inflammatory remedy that helps in battling skin infections and builds a stronger immune system. Take 2-3 table spoons of black seed oil and mix it thoroughly in the hot consumable water. Now drink this homemade drink atleast twice a day. Doing so helps in curbing the boils to the roots and makes sure they never return.

  1. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil also known as Nilgiri ka Tel is one of the oldest medicines since the inception of human civilization. Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties make it a great remedy to cure boils naturally. Other than this, Eucalyptus oil also helps in battling common cold and coughs. Add 2-3 drops of this oil to a cup of Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and add few drops of hot water to turn this paste thicker. Apply it directly on the boil until the pus surfaces and oozes out.

  1. Bitter Gourdbitter gourd cure boils naturally

Bitter Gourd also known as Karela is one of the most consumed fruit-vegetables in the world. It is rich in Vitamin C, flavanoids, Alpha-Carotene, Beta Carotene, Iron, Phosphorus and other minerals which help in building a stronger immune system. Bitter gourd can cure boils naturally as it has ample amounts of minerals and enzymes that restrict the entry of foreign bodies and cause allergies and inflammation. Crush a Bitter gourd into a juice and add few drops of lemon juice to it and drink daily for best results.

  1. WaterWater Constipation mouth ulcers Morning sickness increase metabolism Stop Skin Ageing stretch marks naturally cure boils naturally

Drink ample amount of water everyday accordingly. Water can cure boils naturally as, it helps in hydrating the skin and keeping germs and bacterial infections at bay. One must atleast drink 8 Ounces (Approximately 2 litres) of water everyday but if the individual has an athletic lifestyle then he/she may have to drink few more ounces of water. Water also helps in pushing out the toxins out of the body either in the form of sweat or in urine.

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