7 Home Remedies to relieve Constipation

Constipation is one of the leading medical problems of the world with every 3 out of 10 people suffering from it. It is a disorder in which the patient finds difficulty in passing stools frequently (atleast once in two days). Constipation can be considered as a chronic disease if the patient is suffering from it from more than 2 months. Researches claims that our drastic changes in appetite have lead to an increase of Constipation problems. So, let’s understand the real reason behind this medical mayhem.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a digestive disorder in which the digested food finds difficulty moving freely though the passage, which is also known as infrequent bowel movement. Irregular bowel movement also makes the digested food hard and further makes it difficult to pass through the large intestines. If the patient is finding difficulty in going to stools atleast thrice a week then the patient is said to suffer from Constipation. Though if the patient is suffering from the above said problem occasionally then it is not a major issue, it usually subsides on its own.

Symptoms of ConstipationConstipation symptoms

Some of the majorly seen symptoms of Constipation include:

  • Irregular Bowel movements i.e. irregular passing of stools
  • Hard or very lumpy stools.
  • Pain and (or) swelling in the abdomen or stomach region.
  • Occasional Vomiting sensations.

Who is more prone to Constipation?

Unfortunately, constipation affects every age group and all genders irrespective of who the individual is. Even domestic animals such as cats and dogs often suffer from this digestive disorder. People who have a lesser intake of raw fruits and vegetables and fruits, lesser body movement and lesser intake of fluids are said to affect from constipation more than an average individual. Some researchers also believe that semi active or inactive thyroid gland can also be one of the primary culprits as they slow down the body’s metabolism rate drastically. Sometimes, psychiatric problems such as Anxieties, Depressions, Traumas etc. can also lead to constipation or any other digestive disorders.

Natural Remedies of Constipation

There are many prescribed medicines and surgeries across the market that claim to be the cure for Constipation, but a natural remedy always comes at hand as it is much more feasible and safer than the medicines. So, here are some natural home remedies for Constipation that might be useful for you!

  1. Mobility or ExerciseThings to avoid at gym narcolepsy hip fat Constipation

Exercise is a major secret behind the cure of constipation, as body movements trigger quicker digestion of food and easy passage of foods through the intestines. The individual need not do a heavy workout, but 15-20 minutes of daily stroll can be helpful and beneficial for the tummy and also for fat control. One can also move to jogging or even running if required.

  1. HydrationWater Constipation

It is very important that you keep your body hydrated by regular intake of water. Water acts as a natural cleanser of stomach and intestines and brings out the body toxins in the form of stools and in the form of sweat during a workout. Water can also be called as a lubricant that can help in the passage of stools through the intestines. Hence, water is one of the great natural remedy for Constipation. Drink atleast 8-10 liters of water daily for better results

  1. Raw intakeConstipation

The cure for constipation also lies within the intake of raw fruits and vegetables. This is because they contain higher amounts of roughage in raw form than in the cooked form. Roughage acts as a flush and pushes out the metabolic waste out of the body with its whole might. It can also be called as lubricant that makes the passage of digested food through the intestines much easily. Raw fruits and vegetables such as Cucumbers, Apples, Carrots etc. which are usually seen in salads are beneficial.

  1. AppetiteIndian foods Constipation

Proper intake of food is very important as it averts you from getting constipation or any other digestion disorders. Try to avoid any drastic changes in your appetite such as skipping meals, overeating, under eating etc. as doing so can distort the daily digestion and metabolism processes. It also important the individual also keeps the diet rich in body essentials such as Vitamins, proteins, minerals etc.. Also avoid eating junk foods as the excess sugars and salts present in them irritate the walls of intestines.

  1. Lemon treatmentSkin rash Constipation

Lemon is one of the well known cures for constipation and skin problems. The fibers present in lemon catalyze the digestive and body metabolic process. Add half lemon juice to a glass of warm water and drink it soon after getting up in the morning. Doing so, helps in unclogging the blocked intestinal passages and cures digestion disorders such as Constipation. Lemon also lubricates the passage for smooth passage of digested food across the intestines.

  1. Olive Oil cureBenefits of olive oil Constipation

Many of us are quite unaware of the fact that Olive oil is a great natural body lubricant and also a great healthy fat. Virgin olive oil is much recommended than any other oil due to its texture and consistency which makes it superior and healthier than any other. It stimulates the digestion process and helps the food move freely across the colon of our digestive system. Consume one spoon of Olive oil daily morning with few drops of lemon juice in it with empty stomach. Doing so can help in curing Constipation and other digestional disorders.

  1. Caffeinated and Probiotic drinksHangover

Caffeine is a great stimulant of digestive processes in the body and catalyzes bowel movements. But it is sometimes discouraged as overconsumption of caffeine can be harmful to health as it can lead to dehydration and body weakness. Some of the major caffeinated drinks beneficial for digestive processes are Coffee, Colas etc. One the other hand Probiotic Drinks are also a great remedy for Constipation as the microorganisms present in them make the passage of the digested food easier through the colon and keeps the digestive system clean and healthy.

Though these are some of the well known remedies for constipation but, if the problem still persists after taking them consult your General Physician as soon as possible. They patient is requested to avoid any of the remedies if individually allergic to.

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