Benefits of eating sprouts in everyday life- Pros and Cons

The benefits of eating  sprouts are countless, they have been a symbol of healthy foods across the globe and are often called a “Miracle diet”. To those who go to gym, sprouts are like an epitome of healthy diet. Experts and dietitians strongly recommend the intake of sprouts in our diet everyday as they help in building up of muscles and reduction of excessive fats. Sprouts contain body essentials such as Vitamin B, C, Carbohydrates and Fibers also known as roughage or fibrous foods. Some experts claim that the amount of proteins present in sprouts is 100 times more than any raw vegetable or fruit taken.

benefits of eating sproutsSprouting is a process of germinating shoot from seeds which can be consumed either cooked or in raw form. There are many kinds of sprouts such as the Green gram (Mung beans) sprouts, Chick pea sprouts, Soya beans sprouts, Green Onion sprouts and Alfalfa sprouts. Some consume them in the form of salads while some like to have them in Sandwiches (Either ways, try to consume them raw as they are more beneficial than the cooked ones). While there have been talks across the globe that sprouts often lead to E. Coli. Hence to avoid this hazard all you can do is make sprouts at home itself rather than consuming the packed ones (as they are often grown in Murkish waters). So, here are some benefits of eating sprouts.

Benefits of eating sprouts in everyday life

  1. Weight LossBenefits of eating sprouts

For those who are seeking for weight loosing diet then, Sprouts might be good news for you. Sprouts do not contain calories or fats, rather they help in breakdown of complex sugars and unessential fats present in the body. Hence weight loss is one of the greatest benefits of eating sprouts.

  1. VitaminsBenefits of eating sprouts

You would be surprised to know that sprouts have large amounts of body essentials (Especially Vitamin A, B, C) which help in increasing your body’s vitamins content to around 20-25 times more than the initial value. Especially, the mung beans (Green grams) sprout that increase the Content of Vitamin B1 and B2 up by 285 and 515 percent . Sprouts contain an abundant amount of Vitamins which makes it one of the greatest benefits of eating sprouts.

  1. Heart related issuesMyth Benefits of eating sprouts

Sprouts may act as a blessed food for those having heart related issues such as Blood Pressure, High sugar and Cholesterol content, diabetes etc. Sprouts help in removing excessive Sodium out of the body which is the main reason for your higher blood pressure. Sprouts also help in better circulation of blood in the body making it one of the greatest benefits of eating sprouts.

  1. SkinHow to have a pimple free and glowing skin naturally

Sprouts contain antioxidants and nutrients that help in averting Skin wrinkles and Acne. They also make the skin soft and glowing than before. Sprouts are also known as a great protector/sheild from Sun Tans and Dark Circles making it one of the greatest benefits of eating sprouts.

  1. ConstipationBenefits of eating sprouts

Sprouts can also act as a medicine if you are suffering from Constipation problem. Sprouts contain an abundant amount of Fibers or Roughage that help in bringing out the toxic waste in the body which might also help lead to loss of weight making it one of the greatest benefits of eating sprouts.

Making Sprouts at home

We will not just talk about benefits of eating sprouts, but willbenefits of eating sproutsalso grow some. Making sprouts is not at all rocket science, it can be called the easiest thing but, you might need some patience while growing them. So here are some steps on how you can grow them.

  • All you need to do is select the type of sprout you need to eat.
  • After that, soak them in clean and purified water for an overnight.
  • Place them in a clean washed cloth for 2-3 days (keep the cloth wet for 2 days).
  • Check whether there was any contamination during this process.
  • Now you can have your sprouts.

Cons of eating Sprouts

Enough of benefits of eating sprouts, let’s face some side effects too.

  • Sprouts have been the main reason for one of the major outbreaks of E.Coli due to unhygienic growth. When they are grown in insalubrious water, they attract microbials which when consumed cause E.Coli or worse.
  • If you are allergic to sprouts, avoid them. Eating sprouts under such circumstances can further weaken your immunity instead of building it.
  • Consumption of Sprouts is good for health but, over consumption can lead to Dehydration, Stomach ache and sometimes can cause blood thinning as Brussel sprouts contain high amounts of Vitamin K.
  • Sprouts such as Alfalfa contain L-Cavanine that might lead to fall in the Red Blood Cells count. Hence they must be consumed in controlled/limited amounts.

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