Best Stretch exercises for Back and Neck pains

Neck and back pain problems have tremendously grown in the past few decades due to the enormous growth in the prolonged sitting jobs in corporate sector across the globe. Unfortunately, 80-85% of the world population is suffering from back and neck pains due to the lack of exercises or due to poor sitting or sleeping postures.

Sitting for hours in front of the desk in a poor posture can contract the muscle tissues causing a strain in the back, shoulder and neck muscles. Lack of workouts and exercises also lead to Muscle strains. Stretch exercises are very beneficial as they expand these contracted muscles and stimulate their growth.

So here, are of few stretch exercises that you can do anywhere, either at home or at your workplace. These stretch workouts can soothe your body muscles and reduce the Back and Neck pains to a greater extent.

List of Stretch exercises for Back and Neck pains

Back Stretch exercises

Note: These stretches can be done both at home and workplace. Try not to force yourself to these back stretch stretches. Doing so can harm your muscles.

  • Seated Rotating Back stretchStretch exercises

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This is one of the recommended stretch exercises, as it expands and relaxes the strained/contracted back muscles. This stretch exercise also lets you to rotate your spinal chord in different directions. You can do it at your desk as it is quite simpler and less time consuming. Just fold your arms at the same height as of your shoulders and rotate your waist in left direction slowly with your legs in a forward direction with your head moving with your waist as shown in the image above. Wait for 5 seconds in that stretch position and then return back to your original position. Now, rotate the waist at right side on the count of 5. Repeat it several times till you feel better.

  • Spine StretchStretch exercises

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Spine stretch is one of those stretch exercises that not just focuses on Back muscles and spine but also stretches and relieves the neck muscles. It is beneficial as it expands and elongates our Para spinal muscles present in our back. Sit comfortably on your floor mattress and spread out your legs wider than your hips. Start to bend forward slowly minding the position of your hips. While moving further in that position, try to bring down your chin closer to the neck as shown in the image above. Bring down your hands in front of you. On the count of 10, return back to normal position.

  • Knee to Chest stretchStretch exercises

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This stretch is one of those stretch exercises that help in reducing the stomach fats. This stretch expands the spine and soothes the knee and hips muscles. All you need to do is, lie down on your mattress (Chest upwards) with knees folded in the upward direction, as shown the image above. Now, pull one of your knees closer to your chest and hold it for 10 seconds. Similarly, do the same with your other knee. Return to your earlier position and try to do the same stretch with both the knees and hold it for 15-20 seconds. Try this stretch-out before you move to your bed at night.

  • Camel Hump StretchStretch exercises

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Camel hump is one of the best stretch exercises for back pain relief and can be done anywhere without requirement of much space and time. Place your palms and knees on the floor or your mattress just as shown in the image above. Now, simply make an arch out of your back in a mounting position just as a camel hump. This stretch reaches out to all three parts of your spine: Upper, Middle and lower spinal chord. Do this one slowly and gently as doing it wrong may further worsen the situation. Hold your back in the arch position for atleast 5 seconds. Do not try to force yourself for this exercise!

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Neck Stretch Exercises

Note: Here are few neck stretch exercises that can be done anywhere with ease. Try not to strain yourself with these stretch outs as they may increase your pain and strain.

  • Head RotationStretch exercises

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Neck rotation is the simplest and one of the most effective stretch exercises. Its biggest advantage is, it can be done whenever and wherever you feel like doing it (restaurant, theatre etc.). It not only relieves neck aches but also gives relief from neck stiffness. All you need to do is, sit in an attentive position on your chair and keep your head straight in the forward direction. Tilt your head towards the left side without any further body movement. Now gently rotate your head backwards and then to the left side and then to the front as shown in the image above. Do these rotations gently and slowly to avoid further muscle strain.

  • Wall corner Neck stretchStretch exercises

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This is one of the stretch exercises that can be done in a room more effectively as it requires walls. It also helps in stretching out your chest muscles and relieving shoulder pains. Stand atleast 2 feet away from the wall corner facing towards it. Now, keep your feet together and keep both of the forearms on walls as shown in the image above. Now, lean on the walls as much as possible with the support of your forearms. Keep in the position for atleast 20-30 minutes till the stretch in the chest and back is felt.

  • Sitting Clasping Neck stretchStretch exercises

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This stretch exercise can not only relieve your neck pains but also can relieve back and shoulder aches. This stretch expands the contracted neck and back muscles. Just, Sit firmly on a chair or your mattress, and place make a clasp off your palms and place it behind your head. Now, try to pull down the head closer to thighs as much as possible with your hand clasp. Keep this stretched position for atleast 20-30 seconds. This stretch can expand the muscles of neck, upper back and lower back.

  • Seated Neck StretchStretch exercises

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This stretch is one of the best stretch exercises for neck pain relief. It mainly focuses on the neck and partly covers the shoulders and the back muscles. In this stretch, all you need to do is, take your left hand and place it in the right side of your head as shown in the image above. Keep your right hand firmly in the air beside your legs and gently start to pull your head towards the left direction. Apply the pressure firmly to increase the stretch. Maintain the stretch position for atleast 10-20 seconds so as to expand the contracted muscles.

Unfortunately, In many cases many of us couldnt do these stretch exercises due to muscle stiffness. So, in order to make these stretches more effective try to take a hot steam bath or a hot shower before performing any of the stretches above. Hot water soothes these muscles and relaxes the stiffness. When these muscles are relaxed these stretches have more impact on our body and on our muscles.

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