The benefits of eating Dark Chocolates

A dark chocolate a day will keep your heart healthy everyday. A study recently conducted by the University of Columbia has stated that people who eat one square of dark chocolate everyday are less prone to heart problems and heart strokes. It is because the dark chocolate contains cocoa beans that consists antioxidant Flavanoids that keep the heart stronger and much healthier.

Flavanoids in Dark Chocolates

The flavanoids in Dark Chocolates make the arteries flexible and does not allow the White Blood Cells (WBCs) to stick to them as they might lead to arterial blockages and Unnecessary clots. Researchers have also proved that flavanoids not only are good for heart but also help in reducing the Blood Pressure and better circulation of blood across the body. Flavanoids are not only present in chocolates but also in Nuts, apples, Onions and Red wine.Dark Chocolates

One might also wonder that the fats present in Dark chocolates are not harmful to the heart patients either. That is because the oleic oil (present in dark chocolates) is an extract from Cocoa Beans, and this oil is a monounsaturated fat that is good for heart and is also present in Olive oil. Saturated fat is not good for health as it is linked with the rising levels of LDL Cholesterol and Heart strokes.

There even theories that state dark chocolate are healthier for hearts because they induce relaxation into the body which inturn relaxes the heart. Not only Dark Chocolates but anything that relaxes our body is good for the heart.

Though, it is advised to avoid chocolates that contain cream, caramel or marshmallows as they will worsen the situation. Reach out for the ingredients of the chocolate cover to find weather they contain limited amount of calories and fats. Avoid Milk Chocolates/bars as they contain large amounts Calories, fats and sugar. One must avoid the extra added sugar as the Sugar is just added to change the original bitter taste of dark chocolates due to these flavanols. You must also know that more the chocolate is refined the more dangerous it is to our heart. Hence limited amount of dark chocolate should be consumed for a healthier heart.

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