Staying fit after Angioplasty Surgery

Angioplasty is one of the greatest decisions to take in one’s life. It is a surgery that allows the free circulation of blood across the body by removing the unnecessary clots in our arteries. Angioplasty surgery can help in removing the obstructions to blood flow across our heart but, that doesn’t mean that it’s a permanent fix. This is because, angioplasty gives a new beginning hence the lifestyle that individual follows after this matters the most. Hence here are some tips from your end that can keep you healthy and fit after angioplasty surgery that you just underwent.

9 ways to stay healthy after Angioplasty surgery

  1. Workouts and exercisescycling hip fat stretch marks naturally after angioplasty surgery

It’s compulsory to have at least a week’s rest after angioplasty surgery but one must start working out soon after this rest period so as to avoid unnecessary accumulation of fat and calories. Doing so can further alleviate the chances of getting a stroke or increased blood pressures. Workouts such as mild walking or warm-up exercises are much more favorable as compared to heavy workouts initially. One can move on to vigorous workouts gradually.

  1. Stress BustingYoga after angioplasty surgery

Stress now-a-days has become an integral part of our lives with growing competition and work around us. Stress can be harmful as many researchers have shown that it can increase the risk of getting a stroke by 40%. In order to keep stress under check one can listen to soft music or do yoga couple of times in a day. Other than these, some of the other ways of busting stress are, sleeping for at least 7-8 hours daily, meeting and socializing with people around you and spending time on your hobbies.

  1. Diet Controlafter angioplasty surgery

Diet plays an important role for those who just underwent Angioplasty as the body now is more likely to respond quickly to fatty foods. Avoid Trans-fats and saturated fats as they are much more harmful for the patient. These fatty foods accumulate on the surface inside the arteries making them narrower. Such instances can cause clots leading to an unexpected rise in blood pressures and heart strokes. Foods such as Fish, fruits and foods cooked in olive oil are much favorable after angioplasty surgery.

  1. Avoid smokingSnoring after angioplasty surgery

Smoking is not just an evil for an individual smoking it but also for the people around them. Smoking would be harmful after angioplasty surgery too as it causes a sudden rise in blood pressure and can cause scarring of arteries. These scars attracts the LDL also known as the bad cholesterol which further combines with the WBC (White Blood Cells) present in your blood and form clots rising the risk of getting a stroke.

  1. The power of on-time medicationsafter angioplasty surgery

Medications are the integral part of life after angioplasty surgery as they keep the blood flow and rise and fall in the blood pressure in check. Medicines that have been prescribed such as Aspirin or any other alternatives keep in check on the viscosity of the blood by thinning them and avoiding unnecessary blood clotting. On the other hand, Statins prescribed by your cardiologist prevents liver from generating cholesterol and other inflammations. Always take medicines on time. Keep a reminder if needed.

  1. Can I consume Alcoholic Beverages after angioplasty surgery?causes of infertility after angioplasty surgery

Alcohol can be dangerous as they are often known to hamper the functionalities of liver. They contain complex sugars in abundance that can escalate the sugar levels raising the chances of having diabetes. Prolonged periods of heavy drinking also causes rise in blood pressure that ends up to obesity. Drinking can make our heart muscles weaker (Cardiomyopathy) which makes it inefficient to pump blood. Red Wine is good for health in controlled amounts as it helps in boosting the good cholesterol (HDL).

  1. Avoid neglecting symptomsMyth Benefits of eating sprouts omega 3 skin tight clothing after angioplasty surgery

It is rightly said, a stitch in time saves nine. Never neglect even the smallest symptoms which you might suffer from after angioplasty surgery. Rush to your cardiologist or your family physician at the earliest and get it resolved. If the individual continues to have chest pain, severe pain in the arms and burning sensations even after the surgery then it must be brought to the attention of your cardiologist as soon as possible. Such symptoms are often considered dangerous.

  1. Avoid dietinghealth hacks after angioplasty surgery

It is essential for your body to gain ample amount of nutrients, minerals and proteins from food to sustain itself. Avoiding food or practicing diet plans prescribed by unknown dieticians can be hazardous. This can make not just the body weak but can also make the heart inefficient to pump and circulate the blood across the body. Practice prescribed diet plans such as Keto Diet plans or GM diet plans so as to avoid any future hazards. Do ask your physician weather you are ready for dieting plans or not.

  1. Meat consumptionHarmful foods after angioplasty surgery

Consumption of meat after angioplasty surgery is one of the most asked questions by patients. Well, the answer to it quite remains controversial as it depends on how the individual consumes it. Unlike the western way, the Indian way of cooking consists of lots of spices, oils and additional fats. Consuming it will not just lead to a stroke but can also lead to other issues such as obesity, elevated blood pressures and even diabetes. Consumption of fish is recommended as it contains lesser fat as compared to others.

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