Keep your heart healthy!

Heart is one of the most vital parts of our body. Due to our daily rush today we are unable to take care of it. I have seen this in many patients that before they could realize that their heart is at risk, it becomes too late and unfortunately undergo a Cardiac arrest! There are no foreign bodies that can cause cardiac arrest, but our daily lifestyle leads to this. Hence it is necessary to keep your heart healthy and stay fit. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Regular Exercise

Exercise is the first commandment of keeping your heart healthy. Have a rigorous exercise routine for at least half an hour. Exercise may include brisk walking too. Regular exercise not only keeps your heart healthy but also gives strong mental health.

  • Limiting alcohol consumption

You might wonder after reading this bullet because your family doctor might have told you to have alcohol to keep your heart healthy. This is true that Red Wine is good for heart, but there is an old saying that even water is harmful if taken in excessive amount. So limit your alcohol consumption as excess may not even damage your heart but also your Liver.

  • Medical checkups

Well, this might not be applicable to everyone. It is necessary to have a regular medical checkup once every 6 Months once you have crossed the age of 35 years. The muscles in the body stop to grow and start contracting once the age limit crosses 35. Hence medical checkups are advisable to keep your heart healthy.

  • Diet control

The 35 yrs age is very crucial in every one’s life. Hence it is advisable to monitor your diet and stop having fatty foods or junk foods. Stop using excessive oils in your food as oil leads to rise in cholesterol level. Those who consume non vegetarian foods with oil in it, it is advisable to them to avoid Non veg. Though, fish is good for health. Include fruits and raw vegetables in your food as they de oxidize the fats in our body. Hence diet control is very mandatory to keep heart healthy.

  • Avoid Smoking

I know that this should be coming first, but it is equally important. Smoking is hazardous to health. It is not only bad for heart but also to whole of human body. A smoker usually lives shorter that about 15-20 yrs than a non smoker. It makes our heart weak. To all the readers who are facing the addition of smoking, you are advised to quit it as soon as possible because you are at twice the risk of having a cardiac arrest than a non smoker. Avoid smoking to keep your heart healthy.

  • Monitor Stress

Last but not the least, avoid having stress as it is as dangerous as smoking. My father was a non smoker and never had any BP or Cholesterol issues in his life yet he had to undergo Angioplasty as the work at his office makes him stressful. Life today makes our lives stressful but, by joining and participating regularly in laughter clubs can keep stress at bay and keep heart healthy and sound.

This advises and outputs have been received from Dr. Praveer Agrawal, Escorts Fortis. Thank you doctor for your advice they keep us alert and motivated.

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