How Olive Oil is good for Heart?

Olive oil is one of the major oils/fats that are consumed around the globe. It has its origin from the Mediterranean basin where Olive trees are abundantly found. Olive oil has always been known for its benefits for patients suffering from heart diseases. According to a recent survey it has been found that the death rate due to heart diseases is lowest in the countries where the primary oil consumed is the Olive Oil.

According to Time’s Magazine, the major problem for heart diseases is improper circulation of blood across the body. Due to excessive work related pressures our blood pressure rises, which makes heart to pump the blood harder. High blood pressure makes our heart bigger, thicker and very less effective. This often leads to a condition called, Arteriosclerosis.

So, What is Arteriosclerosis?

Arteriosclerosis is that situation in which the Astheromas (Cholesterol patches) stick to the Arterial walls and make the blood flow harder. In such situations blood finds it way harder to reach till the vital parts of body such as Brain and Heart. When heart does not receive blood it requires, the patient undergoes cardiac arrest. Similarly, when the Brain does not receive the required blood then it leads to muscular paralysis and dementia.

This often goes the other way around too. Due to excessive blood pressure the Cholesterol patches on the arterial walls burst, which leads to bursting of arteries. The blood from arteries starts to clot and they start to flow with the blood stream. When they become larger, they block the path of blood to organs which leads to organ failures.

How Olive Oil can prevent this?Benefits of olive oil

The major culprit behind the blood clots is the platelets inside the blood. They release chemicals when a blood vessel in the body is damaged which is a call to other platelets to form together and plug in to stop bleeding. This leads to blood clots inside arteries which are harmful. So, what olive oil does is, it makes the heart much effective by making it release the required enzymes to metabolize the fats. When these fats are reduced, there’s no one to encourage the platelet aggregation inside the arteries.

Olive oil is also good at reducing the levels of Bad Cholesterol or LDL-cholesterol. This avoids the formation of cholesterol patches on the arterial walls. On the other hand, olive oil also helps in the growth of good cholesterol also called HDL-Cholesterol. Hence, the reports today reveal that people living in Mediterranean are less prone to heart diseases as the primary oil consumed by them is Olive Oil.

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