Restoration of Damaged Teeth

Teeth in one of the most integral parts of the mouth that makes us realize about the various delicacies we eat every day. Suddenly, one day we come across some particle while eating and notice that the particle is neither melting nor having any taste and we finally realize that it’s none other than our own tooth. In most of the cases damaged teeth can be due to lack of oral care but they can also occur due to blows on the face or eating/grinding hard food objects.

Damaged teeth are mainly due to :

  • Tooth decay

Tooth decay is majorly due to the loss of enamel, the hardest tissue of the human body. Excess consumption of sugars, soft drinks and junk foods leads to erosion of enamel, which protects the teeth from getting attacked by germs and other free radicals.

  • Broken/chipped teeth

Facing major blows and facing injuries on the face can lead to breaking or chipping of teeth which might further lead to mouth cavities.

If you come across damaged teeth, it is advised that you visit your dentist as soon as possible as delaying can further lead to other major problems such as mouth ulcers or mouth cancer.

Damaged Teeth Restoration

So, here are some ways through which your dentist may repair your damaged teeth.

  • Root Canal TherapyDamaged teeth treatment

Usually, when our teeth get infected by the germs, there are chances that they might reach up to the core of a tooth, “The Pulp“. The pulp contains blood vessels and nervous cells when damaged can cause much greater loss. If the patient is complaining pain or change in the color of the teeth, this might be due to pulp infection or pulp damage. In such cases, the dentist might suggest you immediate tooth removal.

  • Filling or BondingDamaged teeth treatment

If the patient has a broken or chipped tooth, then the dentist makes the surface of the broken teeth harder using a gel and then place adhesive material on the rough surface so as to place a tooth colored resin. This process is also known as bonding. And if the patient is suffering from tooth decay or a cavity then the dentist clears the cavity and fills it with a composite resin which is known as filling.

  • Tooth Cap or CrownDamaged teeth treatment

Sometimes, the broken part or the damage is too large that bonding and filling is not possible. Under such circumstances, a cap made of metal or a complex resin is placed by filing away the remaining part of the tooth so as to protect it from further damage. This metal cap or the crown is usually in the same shape as that of a tooth. These tooth caps are usually made from the putty impressions that have been made out of the broken area of the tooth.

  • Dental VeneersDamaged teeth treatment

Dental veneers are the best restoration methodology for front damaged teeth. These are mostly made out of colored porcelain and are placed just like a mask to the teeth to make them look healthier than ever! Veneers are used mostly when the tooth is chipped or partially broken. These are also made out of putty impressions taken from the broken part of the teeth.


  1. If the pain is intolerable then try to rinse your mouth with Luke warm salt water. Doing so may reduce your pain to a greater extent.
  2. Try using toothpastes containing fluoride.
  3. Avoid taking excessive sugars or soft drinks, doing so may erode away the tooth enamel.
  4. Avoid keeping your mouth dry.

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