Stay slim without Dieting & Exercise

There was a saying that I used to hear from my friends, “Twinkle twinkle little star, Khaao piyo maro Dakar” which means Eat, drink and be merry. Staying slim and fit is a rock mountain climbing for those who are a bit healthy than a slim person. Till now everybody used to think that over diet and under exercise are the key reasons for obesity but, recent studies by scientists has made us think otherwise. Scientists have found the ways to keep yourself slim and fat free. So here are some ways to stay slim without dieting and exercise.

Stay slim without dieting and exercise

  • Consumption of proteins.

In 2011 a study by the University of Sydney showed that the people who were kept for examination consumed 12 percent more calories on 10 percent protein diet than the 15 percent protein diet 4 days before. It is just because that when our body is kept from proteins we unknowingly start to consume more calories than our limit. University of Copenhagen also proved that people consuming proteins can consume food until their full without gaining an ounce. Hence with proper intake of proteins one can stay slim without dieting and exercise.

  • Common Cold

When one catches respiratory illness they might put on some clothes on them but researchers have found that with respiratory illness also comes obesity. Adenovirus 36 also known as Ad36 which stays in the body during respiratory illness increases the fats cells in the body and also increases the content of fats in the cells too. It has been seen that children having Ad 36 in them weighed 23 Kilos more than an average child. Hence common cold or other respiratory problems might lead to fat accumulation but nobody knows that for sure. Hence try your best to avoid common cold to stay slim without dieting and exercise.

  • Food packaging

Before looking out for the nutritional content of the food you might want to look at the material used for the packaging. Some packages made up of plastic and tin cans contain endocrine disrupters that mix up with the food. Endocrine disrupters can interfere into our body’s normal functioning such as thyroid glands which regulates the metabolic rate in the body. Endocrine disruptors such as bisphenol A, phthalate etc. activates the cell nucleus which results in the storage of fat. Hence it is advisable to not consume food packed within PVC packaging “Type 3” which means that it’s a recyclable plastic. Take a look at the packaging of foods to stay slim without dieting and exercise.

  • Country side living

Researchers have found that people who stay in cities and breathe polluted air gain fat around their stomach and their cells become less responsive to insulin which might lead to Diabetes. Exposure to pollution leads to increase in abdominal fat and also leads to elevated proteins levels leading to tumor. Hence it is advised to keep away from pollution as much as possible by staying at countryside. Countryside living is a way to stay slim without dieting and exercise.

  • Exposure to light

Studies prove that a person is likely to gain 50% more weight if stays in light during night than the person who keeps his lights down during night. Light during night changes the metabolism in the body by altering the circadian clock genes. Though it might not be possible to everyone as people have different structures but it is advised to keep your lights out during night when you are asleep to stay slim without dieting and exercise.

  • Sleep management

The University of Turin recently released some reports that a six year research was done on people in which people to slept at an average of 6.3 hrs at night gained more weight than the people who slept for 7.2 hrs at night at an average. Even children aged of ages 3-5 having sleep less than 11 hours also gained more weight than the children around them. Sleep avoidance leads to reduced levels to leptin (a hormone for suppressing appetite) and increased levels to ghrelin (a hormone that increases appetite). In simple words, the more you stay up the more you eat. So, sleep is very important factor to stay slim without dieting and exercise.