The Health Hazards caused by Skin tight clothing

Unfortunately, the skin tight clothing is the latest fad among the youth today. Most of us wear them for looking young and slimmer. The cases of health issues caused by these clothing (such as jeans, T-Shirts etc.) are now on the rise as 20% of the population today faces major issues caused by it such as numbness, improper circulation of blood, body pains etc.

Often there have been cases of breathlessness and fainting as the body starts feeling uncomfortable with these skin tight clothing and starts to behave abnormally. So, here in this article you will get to know what would be its disadvantages and how you can overcome such situations.

The health effects of wearing Skin Tight Clothing

  1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)skin tight clothing

Urinary Tract infections are one of the most common health hazard caused because of skin tight clothing with an average of 3 million cases per year in just USA.  This infection can take place in Kidneys, Bladder or Urthera. A patient suffering from UTI usually feels burning sensation while urinating. Often, the individual might also find blood while urination. Also, when suffering from UTI the patient might also be feeling pain in pelvis and bladder areas. These conditions often lead to fever or sometimes body pains.

  1. Testicular issues in menskin tight clothing

This is one of the major disadvantage and health hazard caused by wearing skin tight clothing. Recently, it has been found that the tight jeans are basically leading to twisted testicles and weakened bladders. According to the researcher Dr Jones from the TENA Project, these ill-fitted clothing can actually lead to damage in the groin area. Further it has been found that wearing tight jeans and ill-fitted clothing can lead to fall in the sperm count thus leading to infertility.

  1. Yeast infectionsskin tight clothing

These yeast infections can occur both in men and women. Primarily these infections can be seen on skin near on the genital organs of men and women making it one of the worst health effects caused by skin tight clothing. When an individual wears such clothing, they are restricting the passage of air and disallowing the skin to breathe. The sweat accumulates in such areas and couldn’t dry up due to lack of passage of air which further makes it easier for microorganisms such as yeast to grow.

  1. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Skin tight clothing can lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). In this the individual suffers from blood clots present in the veins deep inside (usually, in the legs). This condition is one of the common issues with around 5, 00,000 cases across the world every year. But, such situations can often be serious as it has no such symptoms to identify other that body swelling which may require medical attention. Further, if not given attention in time these clots can circulate whole body and can enter into your lungs or even into our heart.

  1. Heart BurnsMyth Benefits of eating sprouts omega 3 skin tight clothing

Skin tight clothing can often cause heart burns especially in pregnant women. This is because such outfits push the stomach so hard that acids get into the esophagus. Such compactness can also lead to rashes on the skin or can lead to other skin disorders. Hence it is advised to try clothings that are comfortable in nature such as hosieries, looser pant belts and waistbands. Pregnant women must avoid such fittings as they can cause body malfunctions.

  1. Thigh Numbness

As the skin lacks proper air circulation and blood circulation one might feel numbness various parts of the body especially thighs. Such issues often lead to Thigh Tingling Syndrome, better known as Meralgia Paresthetica.  This is one of the most common disorders with more that 3 million people suffering from it every year. This is caused, when the tight jeans presses the nerves in the thighs and encourages improper circulation of blood making it one of the major disorders of Skin tight clothing.

  1. Body Painsskin tight clothing

Skin tight clothing also leads to Body pains, especially in the back and in waist regions. This is due to the fact that, clothes like jeans doesn’t allow the proper movement of body muscles and bones. Such clothes put excessive pressure on our back and waist leading to such body pains. Hence wearing low waist jeans and more that tight jeans must be avoided. In some cases people also faint while wearing jeans as they feel breathlessness and nausea.

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