Top 5 tips for a healthy mouth

Mouth is one of vital parts of our body which we use the most in our day to day lives either it be for speaking, singing, eating or brushing. A healthy mouth helps in building a great image among our friends and relatives and also helps in enhancing our visual appearance, as an unhealthy mouth mean decaying teeth and foul smell which lead to embarrassment. Sometimes, our eating habits also lead to unhealthy foul mouth then in such cases brushing, rinsing and flossing alone aren’t just enough. So, in this post we are going to share and discuss some of the greatest tips for maintaining a healthy mouth.

5 almost unknown tips for a Healthy Mouth

  1. A healthy dietNatural Health Drink narcolepsy healthy mouth

We all know the value of a well balanced diet containing body essentials such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and what not! They help in building us strong and immune to diseases or the disease causing viruses. But what we all might not know is that, a diet rich in all such body essentials is also good for our oral health as they help in preventing various gum disorders such as swollen gums, bleeding gums and foul smell. Hence, a healthy diet is a key to a healthy mouth.

  1. Avoid Dry MouthHealthy mouth

Always try to avoid keeping your mouth dry as keeping it dry may lead to growth of bacteria within the mouth that might lead to pungent smell within the mouth thus causing bad odor. In order to avoid dry mouth try drinking water as it helps in cleansing the bacteria present in out mouth or try a chewing gum (sugar free) as they helps in stimulating the saliva secretion within the mouth. Avoid dry mouth in order to keep your mouth healthy and sound.

  1. Sugary foodsNatural Health Drink healthy mouth

Foods such as sodas, sweets, chocolates etc contain sugars which are one of the major culprits for tooth decay and gum disorders. Many might suggest you to stop or reduce their intake but it is not the only way out. In order to keep your mouth healthy and safe from such sugary foods, brush your teeth at least an hour later or rinse with your desired mouth wash. Brushing suddenly after eating may lead to further weakening of enamel which might lead to other serious issues.

  1. Brushing habitBad breath

Brushing teeth is a good habit as it helps in cleaning our teeth and gums and keeps our mouth healthy. Few of the brushing habits one must include in their day to day life is that avoid brushing your teeth for an hour after your meals as doing so might weaken your tooth enamel. It is also a good habit to brush your teeth twice a day but it is also necessary that the brush must be changed at least once in 2 months, as using the same brush may lead to brush contamination and further oral health problems.

  1. Tongue Cleaninghealthy mouth

Tongue is the vital organ of our mouth as it helps in recognizing the tastes and helps in communicating with the people. Hence it is also important to brush it or clean it using tongue cleaner every time we brush. The sugars and acids present in the food we eat gets accumulated on the surface of the tongue and causes foul odor from the mouth. Hence these remains must be cleaned every time after meals are taken. Improper cleaning of tongue also leads to gum disorders. Tongue cleaning is hence very important for a healthy mouth.

  1. Mouth rinsinghealthy mouth

Mouth rinsing is not just important for teeth but also good for gums. Rinsing mouth with a mouthwash is a good habit and must be done soon after the meals so as to eliminate the food particles or food sugars stuck between the teeth which might lead to tooth cavity, tooth enamel disorders or gum problems. Salt water too is a great natural mouthwash as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties in it which help in combating the bacteria present on our mouth thus maintaining a healthy mouth.

  1. Children’s brushing habitshealthy mouth

Parents must supervise their children while brushing as most of the toothpastes contain fluorides which are harmful for children below the age of seven. Hence it advised that children below the of 3 must apply toothpaste on their brushes the size of a blot where as children above the age of 3 but lesser than 7 must put paste the size of a pea on their toothbrushes. Too much fluoride can basically interfere with the growth of brain among the children which might lead to other serious issues. Hence, lesser fluoride is the key for a healthy mouth.

  1. Dentist visits

Last but not the least, never have any sort of fears or embarrassments while visiting your dentist when having an oral problem. If you are suffering from any then openly share it with them as they might help you out with it, because if the issue is not resolved in time, it might get worse. Hence visit your dentist regularly for a healthy mouth.

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