Top 7 Exercises to lose Hip fat at Home

Hip fat is one of the leading concerns for the growing population today, especially for women. Hip fat not just deforms your body structure but also tends to tarnish your personality. One of the leading reasons for hip fat accumulations is the growing obesity or overeating, but in many other cases lack of proper lifestyle or exercises also lead to accumulation of Cellulites across the hip region.

The storage of fats or Cellulites in hips or thigh regions was inherited by us through our ancestors who used to store body fats in these regions during drought or extreme food shortage periods. Fortunately, some parts of the world are free from lack of food supplies, but our bodies still follow the old and traditional way of cellulites storage. So, in order to reduce the hip fat, here are some exercises that you can try at home or at work place.

Exercises for Hip fat reduction

  1. Leg SquatsSquat Hip fat reduction

Leg squats are a well known cardio exercise and very good for hip fat reduction. It removes the unnecessary cellulites over the region and strengthens the hip muscles. Here are some tips to perform leg squats.

  1. Place your head straight and calm down yourself by breathing out.
  2. Stand on your floor mattress and place both your arms parallel to the floor.
  3. Without disturbing your hands position start bending your knees as you move downwards.
  4. Now return back to your normal standing position with your back straight and try to do 50 squats everyday.

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  1. LungesLunges hip fat reduction

Lunges are also a well known cardio vascular workout and good for hip fat reduction and muscular strengthening. This workout can also be done without weights in your hands. Here are some steps to perform lunges.

  1. Stand on your floor mattress comfortably and take a big step with your left leg forward.
  2. Now, place your right knee on the floor by bending your left knee by 90 degrees.
  3. While bending your knees make sure that your back is straight and you are looking forward.
  4. Now, try the same by switching your legs. You can try it by using some weights too.


  1. Bent Knee Cross-overbent knee hip fat reduction

Best knee crossover is one of the most effective hip fat reduction workouts as it not just burns the fatty deposits near the hip region but also strengthens our hip and thigh muscles. Below are some steps to perform this workout at home.

  1. Bend both of your knees to 90 degrees placing them on the floor and keep your back straight and look straight forward.
  2. Now, keep your hips tight and lift your right leg so that your right feet is facing the ceiling without any further changes to your position.
  3. Simply, cross your right leg just on the calf of your left leg and repeat it with other leg too with 3-5 sets with each of your legs.
  4. Please make sure that you are not suffering from any back ailments as this exercise may not be suitable for such individuals.


  1. Dead lift Hingesdead lift hip fat reduction

This workout is more effective when done with weights or dumbbells. This workout is not only good for hip fat reduction but also strengthens the back muscles and spinal cord. Here are some steps given to perform this Dead lift.

  1. Stand on your mattress and place your dumbbells just infront of you with head straight.
  2. Now, with your back straight bend forward to pick the dumbbells on the floor.
  3. Make your back in the form of a bridge and slowly return to your initial position with dumbbells in your palms.
  4. Repeat this same process 10-15 times daily for best results.


  1. JoggingThings to avoid at gym narcolepsy hip fat

Jogging is a well known and a much simpler exercise for hip fat reduction. Jogging not just helps in the burning fatty deposits but also helps in strengthening the muscles across the body. Jogging can be better when done during the early hours of the day, as the weather and pollution conditions are ideal for any body workout.

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  1. Cyclingcycling hip fat

Cycling is a great cardio workout and also great cellulite reduction technique. Cycling not just focuses on back and arms but also focuses on hips and thighs. Regular cycling burns down the fatty deposits in that area makes the muscles stronger. Regular cycling is a key to fat reduction and a healthy way of living. Do cycling atleast once a day for better results.

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  1. Swimmingswimming hip fat reduction

Swimming is a well-known water sport and is a great workout of hip fat reduction as it engages every known muscle in the body. It also tones up our body muscles and controls the heart beat rate to a great extent. It has also been seen that our physical endurance also known as stamina is directly linked to swimming. People suffering from stress and depression are always advised to try swimming as it is a great stress alleviator. It is advised to swim in your nearest swimming pool atleast once in a couple of days for best results.

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